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Hi All, 

We’re excited to be announcing that on May 30th, we’ll be officially opening the first location for MyStudio Filming, Photos and Podcasts.  Come down on Sunday 4-8pm 2355 Honolulu Ave, Suite 203 (upstairs) and enjoy some free studio time, drinks, food and lots of fun.  Look forward to seeing you in beautiful sunny Montrose for our kick 0ff.  RSVP by clicking this link here.  See you on Sunday!


We’re nearing completion of our build out for our green screen and podcast studio as well as our green room and outside lounging area!  Very exciting times as we near being able to let everyone in on this little gem.  The community and staff here are getting really excited to start working on projects here and realizing the dream of providing a studio for everyone that is affordable and easy to access.  Let’s get back to work everyone!!

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